Squirrel Extermination

Squirrels are small, cute, and furry creatures we see around our homes and parks. They are part of the rodent family and naturally they have the habit to chew on things especially wood and food.

Squirrels usually abandon their summer nests formed mostly in trees and look for a more comfortable, warm place to spend the winter. Usually they find a hollow tree but they will often prefer a place in the house. They can easily have access to the attic because of the trees and plants around the house or connecting wire – they can climb on almost anything. They will get in the house through already existing holes but they can also chew their way in or enter through the chimney and unscrewed vents.

How do you know you have squirrels in the attic?

Most squirrels are diurnal and the rest of the creatures who usually enter the attic are nocturnal so if you hear noises – scampering and scurrying – in the attic or chimney during the day it is very possible you have squirrels as cohabitors. You may also see the squirrels getting in and out of the house especially during morning or evening time when they will go to get food.

Other signs of squirrels living in the house are noticeable damage to the house and signs of feces and urine – spots in the ceiling and strong odor.