Squirrel Hazards

Dangers of having squirrels in your house

- Damage from chewing of electrical wire and water pipes. They create a real fire hazard and great danger for flooding. Many houses have power outage or even a fire breakage apparently without any explanation. In most of these cases the rodents are to blame for.

-  Damaging insulation, walls and ceiling, affecting the thermal efficiency of the home and forcing the owner to fix the unaesthetic and foul odor walls and ceiling.

- Damaging the outside part of the house by creating holes in the attic, roof, chewing the vents, gutters and fascias.

- Creating a mess in the attic by moving things around, flattening and removing insulation, establishing feeding and bathroom areas. The attic will become dirty and smelly thanks to all the droppings. And the more time they spend in the attic the more space they will use.

- Disease risk from the squirrel, feces and the insects around them. Like some of the other rodents they carry a risk for rabbis and parasites. Also their droppings are associates with Salmonella and Leptospirosis.

- Attracting more squirrels and animals. If the squirrels established their house in the attic for a long period of time the house will get a strong and specific odor that sooner or later will attract more squirrels or other creatures and their associated risks.